Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park
Waterfalls in Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park – basic information

Fundy National Park is located in western part of Canada on North America continent. Park is mostly known for its rugged coastline and multiple waterfalls (over 20 of them). At low tide tourists are allowed to step on the ocean floor. Furthermore, during high tide distance from the top point of the surface of the water is over 15 meters above the ocean floor. There are hiking trails prepared for both – regular walkers and also for people who just want to see something without getting exhausted. There is a lot infrastructure around. For wanderers there are campings. National Park is not lacking in hotels nearby either. What’s more important – in this National Park there is a place for everyone.

Total area: 207 km²

Established: 1948

Visitors: around 280 000 each year

Located: Alma, New Brunswick, Canada, North America

Fundy National Park – map

If you had a question where is Fundy National Park and wanted to know its location check out the map below. Bear in mind that not all of the browsers can display map properly.

Fundy National Park – weather

Weather in National Park is dependent on seasons. During the winter temperatures vary from the lowest 15°F to highest 35°F. Coldest month is January, when on average there is only 19°F. Winter is not really the greatest time to visit this Park. You should consider autumn or spring or especially summer. During spring and autumn vary from lowest at 25°F to the highest at about 55°F. Average rainfall for those seasons is at about 2-4 inches for a month.

Summer is the best season to visit the park. Between June and September, there is the average temperature at the level of 60°F. It occurs really rarely to drop below 48 and go higher than 70-72 degrees. You should expect rain during summer, but not on regular basis. Month average is just 4 inches.

Fundy National Park – attractions

We selected top 3 things to do in Fundy National Park. Check out our ranking.

  1. Hiking Trails
  2. Waterfalls
  3. Camping

Hiking trails in Fundy National Park

Among all of the attractions that this National Park has to offer hiking trails are our number one. Over 100 kilometers of hiking trails are prepared for those who are eager to wander. The easiest trails start from just half a kilometer and with increasing difficulty, they reach most demanding 50-km trail around the whole park. Some of the trails require crossing river. Bear in mind that in bad weather conditions it might be unsafe! During your walk, you will be able to spot rivers, lakes, and diversity of animals.

Waterfalls in Fundy National Park

Waterfalls are one of the biggest attractions and reason for some people to come here. They ranked at #2 in our small ranking. There is over 20 of them in the whole area, so there is a lot to be explored. Most known and remarkable one is Dickson’s Falls. It is the easiest one to get for regular tourist waterfall in the park. The trail is also the most popular. During high-season, there might even occur a queue to photograph this beauty from the best side. Remember that ground can be wet. Wear appropriate shoes for the trail.

Fundy National Park
Fundy National Park is known for its waterfalls and more

Camping in Fundy National Park

If you need to spend some time alone outside a big city and think deeply about your life it is the best spot. Not only you can spend some time here wandering but also rest. Infrastructure is prepared for the arrival of hundreds of people so you should have no problem finding a free space here. Just pack your suitcase or backpack and get ready for who knows – maybe journey of your life.

Fundy National Park – Accommodation

Fundy National Park hotels

The closest city to Park is Alma in Albert County. There is not a lot of hotels near Fundy National park. You can find just a few of 3-star Inns in the city. There are also two 4-start Inns nearby. Bear in mind that during a vacation there could be a lot of people. Consider booking your rooms sometime before your arrival. Prices depend on season, the number of people willing to book room and class of hotel.

Fundy National Park camping

There are 3 campings prepared by management for tourist. They are generally open from the end of the May to the beginning of September. Most of the places are serviced by water and electricity. There is over 550 places total ready to be booked even for tonight. You can also reserve places using official website. As we mentioned earlier – camping in this National Park can be a really great adventure, so why not to give it a try?

Fundy National Park cabins

There is a special offer for demanding tourists. You can sleep in rustic cabins. Fee for one night is 70 dollars. Inside the cottage, you can find table, chairs, bunk beds and benches. Those cabins are open for publicity from May to October. There are just two of them in the park, so you’d better reserve it in advance because people are eager to sleep in this type of accommodation.

Fundy National Park – parking

There is no dedicated parking space for drivers. You might leave your car wherever the trail begins. If you don’t want to go to the park by car consider leaving it in the city of Alma. Park is really easily accessible. Plan your stay before arrival to experience the best out of it.

Fundy National Park – airport

The closest airport to Fundy National Park is Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport (YMQ). The airport is located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. It is about 90 kilometers from Fundy National Park. The route is in good condition and you won’t have troubles getting from the airport to park in about one hour. You must head southeast direction after you leave the airport.

Restrictions in Park

Entrance to National Park is free, but remember, that maintenance is not.

During late autumn to early spring, there is no infrastructure available. If you plan to stay in Park during months October to April it might occur that there is nothing prepared, no electricity, water and nobody around.

Even during summer, there is a risk. Wear clothes and shoes properly, according to weather.

Take your garbage with you if there is no trash bin around! Don’t forget about it.

Park is open for 24 hours, but visitor center and campings are not. Check opening times before you arrive!

If you plan to stay overnight and make a campfire please be careful with fire.

Also if you have in your plans kayaking, be very careful, especially if you are not a good swimmer.

Fundy National Park
In Fundy National Park you might go kayaking or fishing

Animals in Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park is also known for its wildlife. There is an option to attend tour prepared for tourist by National Park. You might experience water life at its best with Swim with Salmon tour. If you are into fishing this is a great opportunity for you to see. Apart from this tour in the park, you might find a variety of birds and especially small mammals like raccoons. As we pointed out earlier – it’s really great place to detach from living in big city. If you saw the movie “Into the Wild” and want to live the way as protagonist did, go there, without a doubt.

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