ToNationalParks is not just an idea!

Have you ever had in your head this voice that has been talking to you?

Do you feel wilderness in your heart?

Stuck in the big city in the corporate job from 9 to 5?

Want to finish with that and run for your life?

That’s why we bring you ToNationalParks. We want to show you best national parks located everywhere on the earth. National Parks in the US and in Canada are bigger than those which you can find in Europe, but that is no problem. European ones have the same amount of adventure in a smaller area.

In Asia, you might find even bigger Parks than in North America, but not that spectacular apart from a few. Australia and Oceania have only a few, but top-tier quality National Parks to visit. On ToNationalParks you can also find National Parks located in Africa.

What is ToNationalParks?

The whole concept of the website was brought to you by Maciej Bogacz, owner of Swojego nie znacie.

Maciej Bogacz is a marketing specialist, located in Gdańsk, pomorskie, Poland.

All I wanted is to make people to think about their lives and consider whether full-time job is worth it. Sometimes you just have to let go some of the things in your life. Working 5 days a week form 9 to 5 – it’s ok, you have money, you have a stability. You just have to ask yourself – is it life i want to live? Is there a way to live different? I think that National Parks that we show on ToNationalParks are great places to detach. Not to live like everone else.

If you agree with this and do not want to live a life without adventure consider Maciek’s words. Everyone has on average only about 70 years of living. Do you want to spend the majority of them in work?

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